Safe Summer Sun Fun

Safe Sunscreen for Baby and Kids

As we roll full on into summer fun, my pale-skinned kiddos resist the long-sleeved light t-shirts I'd really love them to wear. And so the question of sunscreen comes up. What to put all over their tender skin? I was thrilled to see the Badger line topping the list over at Safe Mama -- we're familiar with that one, and it's pretty easy to find. Check out what other sunscreens are recommended and why (SafeMama keeps a close watch over the ingredient list!). Let us know in the comments which sunblocks are your faves. Shine on, mamahhhs!   … [Read more...]

My Gardening Karma is Squirrelly


Maybe it’s the sparkling shine of summer on my children’s darling little faces or just a phase my girls are going through, but they are The Cutest Kids in the World these days. Even when I’m losing my cool, I have a huge crush on them. So this morning, I was feeling exceptionally crush-y about my cuties and really proud about these beautiful petunias we’ve grown in pots on our front porch. The girls and I have been working together (let’s do teamwork!) to water the plants each morning. They take turns with the watering can, sharing the splashing and the sense of accomplishment. And it’s … [Read more...]

Decluttering: Garage Sale Week!

Decluttering: Garage Sale Week

This week, the path to a peaceful home requires dismantling our space and our schedule. Rooms are undone, and household routines are unrecognizable as we wreak this havoc. In four consecutive days of intense decluttering, I feel the house lightening up day by day. I feel me lightening bit by bit. Closets are being cleared, unwanted items have a chance at a new life, and we can feel the energy flowing through our home brighter and better than ever. The work of letting go of old stuff, even stuff we don't use, feels like both liberation and loss. My children rummage through the garage sale … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Teamwork


Well, nearly wordless Wednesday. My daughter and her friends found this tree branch at the school picnic. They found their own work. They decided to do it together. They accomplished a lot. They had a big, fun time. I'd say it's been a very good school year. … [Read more...]