40 Minutes Later…


Today is that day. The one with so much to do that it feels impossible to know where to begin. The day when my work-from-home status isn’t sure whether it’s dedicated to clean-the-house work, pay-the-bills work, feed-the-soul work, or keep-this-whole-Mann-Fam-operation-afloat work. I’m stuck. Every room in the house calls for my attention and a claim on my time. I want to snuggle up with the DVR remote and clear that sucker out … 2 episodes of a show I don’t even like yet … 4 doses of 30 Rock … a nerd-heaven documentary about dolphins. The brain candy awaits, right. over. there! But … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Teamwork


Well, nearly wordless Wednesday. My daughter and her friends found this tree branch at the school picnic. They found their own work. They decided to do it together. They accomplished a lot. They had a big, fun time. I'd say it's been a very good school year. … [Read more...]

The Art of Teaching—and a Giveaway!

2011-0511 Literacyhead

I was raised by a teacher who was also a reader, and perhaps because of that I have always loved books. My husband loves his books so much that we have boxes and boxes of them (and we’re in the process of finding a place where we can enjoy them in our home daily—exciting!), and our children seem to be book lovers as well. At some point, I also remember loving art, but that faded over time. Now, as I marvel at the creations my kids bring home from school, I’m feeling that spark again. (In fact, reading, writing, and art have helped me reconnect with my sense of spirit this year -- it's a daily … [Read more...]