Mamahhh, in a Wordle


So for the past month, I've been blogging daily as part of the 2012 Blogathon, hostessed by the generous Michelle Rafter. I've tried many a blog challenge, but Michelle's is the only one that holds me accountable and keeps me writing. Can I just say, that even though I made my living solely as a writer and editor for years, blogging daily is HARD. Some days, it makes mothering feel easy! Then, there are days like today, when we take a little break, sit back, and enjoy a change in perspective. Courtesy of, I got a visual at-a-glance of what we talk about here at Mamahhh. See for … [Read more...]

The Cake that Love Baked


So about that cake. We made it, but Spring Break is not proving to be cake. Or, maybe it's that yesterday was exactly like the cake we baked (yep, that's it in the photo)! Here's what happened on our Spring Break Monday: The kids prepped and mixed all the dry ingredients. And then I raced the clock to make the frosting while the cake cooked and cooled. (The frosting recipe was about three times as big as what we needed.) All this rushing was so we could deliver the cake as a surprise for my husband, in honor of our 7th anniversary, at lunchtime. A very late … [Read more...]

Parenting is simple. Just add love.


Parenting is simple. Not complicated, not complex. Not even all that multi-faceted. It requires one main ingredient: Your love, which is to say, your attention. That was the sage guidance from Karen Maezen Miller, Zen priest and Momma Zen author. She visited my town, Athens, Ga., this past weekend, all the way from the Hazy Moon Zen Center in California. Her workshop was Love Beyond Limits: The Spiritual Practice of Parenting. Notice that Maezen didn’t say parenting was easy! Simple, yes. Easy? Not even for Maezen, she admitted. Which, I admit, made me feel better. (Hey, if it’s rough … [Read more...]

More love, for you and America the Beautiful

More love, for you and America the Beautiful

More love. That was the antidote recently suggested by my friend and teacher Baraka Elihu: Instead of dwelling on what we don’t like about ourselves and trying to change it or get rid of it, what if we layered on more love? From kids to co-workers to our partner and for our own sweet selves, what if? What if we simmered in more beauty, more fun, more happiness, more peace? This holiday weekend, celebrating freedom in the midst of the sticky-hot weather and kids all amped up on summer vacation, seems like a good time to try it out. More love. More beauty. More fun. More happiness. We’re free … [Read more...]

Heart of Love

mamahhh_2011-0508 MothersDay

My heart aches a bit today, as I hear and see how hard Mother’s Day is for so many dear women, for so many reasons ... Mothers who did not love us the way we needed to be loved. Husbands who struggle to know what makes our hearts sing. Children who seem oblivious to the gift beyond gifts we offer. Mothers who live on only in memory. For all mothers, the ones who are celebrated well today and especially the dear ones among us who are not, I offer this from my heart to yours: Happy Mother’s Day. For all you do, for all you are becoming, for the mother you are in your best moments, blessed … [Read more...]