31 Posts of May

31 posts of may

This blog got off to a slow start in March, launching with the Belly Button Bliss book signing at Blooma in my old hometown of Minneapolis. (love you, Minne!) I posted just a handful of times in March and April. This blog needed some love. OK, a lot of love! So when one of my freelance writing colleagues --Michelle Rafter, accomplished techno journo and digital media blogger-- announced she was hosting her annual Blogathon in May, I signed up. The only thing that ever cured my procrastination was a deadline, and Michelle's mandate was that we blog 31 times in May, ideally once each … [Read more...]

Mamahhh, In a Wordle

In a Wordle

A picture of a thousand (or so) words gets to the heart of Mamahhh... :-) … [Read more...]