From Supermom to Sane & Centered Mom

Marcy Axness Webinar

Guest post by Parenting for Peace author Marcy Axness *** This is your invitation to an empowering FREE webinar TODAY! *** "5 Tools for Transforming from Stressed Out to Sane & Centered" Wednesday, April 24 | 10am - 11:30am | Pacific It seems epidemic these days: an undercurrent of stress and anxiety thrums at the heart of parenting, even for the most "conscious" parents (and probably even more for the really conscious, attuned ones -- ever more conscious and attuned to our shortcomings!) How about you -- do you feel this parenting stress? Do you perpetually feel like you’re a … [Read more...]

Better Brain for Baby? Try the Mommy Mind Meld!


In her new book Parenting for Peace, early childhood development specialist Dr. Marcy Axness offers us this idea and this challenge: What would it take to raise a generation of peacemakers? The simple answer is that it requires we practice peace ourselves, in front of and with our children. And if you’ve ever lost your mind and been angry with your child after a sleepless night, or the thousandth “mommy can I…” or, well, just because, then you know that the simple answer isn’t an easy one! I’ve about decided that every parenting book I’ve appreciated comes down to one thing: Practice … [Read more...]

Marcy Axness: Parenting for Peace


I can’t say enough how much I loved the sessions at last weekend’s Trust Birth 2012 conference here in Nashville! Being around women who are passionate about birth and parenting was so energizing. I’m looking forward to sharing what I heard about newborns’ awareness from Karen Strange, natural ways to ease perinatal mood disorders from Deanna Hlywka, ND, how Gloria LeMay sees language color our impressions of birth, the wonders Gena Kirby works with a rebozo during pregnancy and labor, and what biomechanist Katy Bowman says those pesky Kegels are doing to your pelvic floor. But first up, … [Read more...]