Little Pickle Press: Mindful Storytime at Nashville’s Parnassus


Nashville's Parnassus Books hosts kids storytime every weekend, and we're particularly excited about this weekend's line-up! Mom, author, and publisher Rana DiOrio shares her approach to talking with little kids about big topics like mindfulness, environmental stewardship, global connection, and personal safety. Rana—chief executive pickle of Little Pickle Press—is a reformed lawyer and investment banker, an active private equity investor and entrepreneur supporter, a self-described lifelong learner, and a mom of three little pickles. Rana founded her children's publishing company in 2009 … [Read more...]

Parenting Aspirations

On the advice of a friend, I’ve been reading Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting by  John and Myla Kabat-Zinn. Early in the book, John describes a homecoming with his college-aged son. One passage quickened my pulse and clarified my parenting aspirations: Someday, I want a moment like THIS …   “First child off at college freshman year, arrives home 1:30 A.M. for Thanksgiving, driven by a friend. When he had called earlier to say he would not make it home from dinner as we had hoped, we were all disappointed, and for a few moments there had been more than a … [Read more...]

The Moods of a Mama

Nashville women's circles

It’s Wishcasting Wednesday over at Jamie Ridler Studios. This week she’s asking, “How do you wish to grow?” I wish to grow more mindful of my moods. Especially for when I am solo parenting, I want to grow more connected to my inner compass. I wish to grow a better sense of how I’m moving through my mothering moods… Happy and engaged with the children Interested in the kiddos’ activities Vaguely aware of their requests Distracted Actively tuning out their 1,000th request for peanut butter Slightly annoyed at being asked for help yet again Irritated at their fussing … [Read more...]

Better Brain for Baby? Try the Mommy Mind Meld!


In her new book Parenting for Peace, early childhood development specialist Dr. Marcy Axness offers us this idea and this challenge: What would it take to raise a generation of peacemakers? The simple answer is that it requires we practice peace ourselves, in front of and with our children. And if you’ve ever lost your mind and been angry with your child after a sleepless night, or the thousandth “mommy can I…” or, well, just because, then you know that the simple answer isn’t an easy one! I’ve about decided that every parenting book I’ve appreciated comes down to one thing: Practice … [Read more...]

No-Fear Solo Parenting

Earlier this week, a revelation: I no longer fear the solo-parenting stint. Single parents may roll their eyes or snicker a bit. After all, they’re pros! But for me, parenting without backup has typically involved a lot of yelling, a ton of tension in my body, sad-turning-to-mad kids, and finally, a side of self-loathing to compensate for crummy parenting. So this week was a milestone. My husband was away for a long business trip. Normally, I’d have some handwringing around that, and a ‘circle the girlfriends and ready the margaritas’ mantra in mind. I’ll still be plenty glad to have my … [Read more...]