Will GoldieBlox Put Stars in Her Eyes?


When we moved to Nashville, one of the considerations in choosing our daughters' school was picking a place that supported our then-5-year-old's interest in math. (We found our school home in the Montessori tradition.) I wasn't about to do *anything* that would take away from a little girl's love of math! So when I saw this awesome video of girls rocking out in support of STEM fun, I was hooked! GoldieBlox looks like girl-genius to me! When the grandparents start asking for holiday gift ideas, we're all set! Mamas, what are your kiddos' favorite science, technology, engineering & math … [Read more...]

Best Kids Learning Toys of 2012


When it comes to toys that teach, colorful paper and a plentiful supply of pens and markers win, hands down, at our house. The girls and I share a reason for making this our top pic: Parental supervision minimally required! Turns out we all love the freedom and ease that brings now that they are a bit older. And I love how ridiculously easy it is to set up that kind of art project :-) For our together time, we love puzzles. I admit, I'm not always super-excited about the “play with me, mommy!” request (ooohhh, I know I’m gonna regret that in a few years when I’m crying about how they want … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Teamwork


Well, nearly wordless Wednesday. My daughter and her friends found this tree branch at the school picnic. They found their own work. They decided to do it together. They accomplished a lot. They had a big, fun time. I'd say it's been a very good school year. … [Read more...]