Shortcut to Memory Lane


I would love to be the mom who makes the scrapbooks, records all the milestones, and keeps all the childhood memories crystal clear. Alas, this is not my calling. Oh, I try. I have the materials, the scrapbooks, the clear plastic containers with a heap of artwork and notes scrawled with things like "First step!"--and no indication of which child or which date. And with two kiddos, that's a problem. Moms like me need a scrapbooking shortcut. I've found two that work for me: 1. Take a picture. Capture the ease and expertise of your digital camera or phone camera. With their instant editing … [Read more...]

4 Guidelines for Self-Care

"I don't have the time or a babysitter to be able to schedule a haircut. Before I became a mom, I just picked up the phone & made an appointment. Now, I'm "letting" my hair grow out." "I used to get my eyebrows waxed. Since having a baby, I "love" my full, thick eyebrows." "We went to a family wedding, and I stayed with the kids the whole time so my husband could celebrate." "I feel bad leaving my spouse with our 3 kids." "I don't have any time for me, and I don't know how to get it." "Self care is taking a shower, right?" That's what I heard this weekend from a group of … [Read more...]

Better Brain for Baby? Try the Mommy Mind Meld!


In her new book Parenting for Peace, early childhood development specialist Dr. Marcy Axness offers us this idea and this challenge: What would it take to raise a generation of peacemakers? The simple answer is that it requires we practice peace ourselves, in front of and with our children. And if you’ve ever lost your mind and been angry with your child after a sleepless night, or the thousandth “mommy can I…” or, well, just because, then you know that the simple answer isn’t an easy one! I’ve about decided that every parenting book I’ve appreciated comes down to one thing: Practice … [Read more...]

Spring Break: This is Gonna be Cake, Right?

Mamahhh-Spring Break is Cake

Happy Spring Break week! Given the weekend, it’s actually Day 3 for “Camp Mommy” and the deep breathing to keep my cool for 9 days of all-day parenting has begun! (Full-time stay-at-home mamas, I bow! And, please send ideas!) The plan for Camp Mommy is to fill the week with creative activities as much for my enjoyment as for the kids’. One of the greatest gifts of my pregnancy and motherhood journey over the past 6 or so years has been finding may way back to a love of artsy and crafty things for the pure pleasure of creating. By any kind of cultural standards, I’m no artiste, but playing … [Read more...]

What I Want


It’s Wishcasting Wednesday over at Jamie Ridler Studios. This week she’s asking, “What do you wish to ask for?” I must admit, what I want is pretty simple, ridiculously traditional, and not entirely necessary. But I'd absolutely adore having a white picket fence. And while I'm asking, how about a deck, too. My home is blessed with a nice-enough yard (Landscapers, shush please. Weedy and a little overgrown is OK by us!), but we have no fence. And the previous owner had a handicap accessible ramp on the back of the house. With a little carpentry creativity, I can see how we'd turn it into … [Read more...]