My Pints & Paints Playdate


In this week’s inspiration workshop, Gussy Sews recommended taking a day for play. Right, I thought. I’ll schedule that somewhere in between camp pick-ups and drop-offs, this week’s home decluttering project, my writing and editing assignments, and finally (finally!) returning some stuff to Target before the dang receipt expires. (And how many times has that happened?! I’ve lost count…) I really couldn’t fathom where I’d fit in a playdate for me or what I’d do, exactly. And the thought of figuring it out felt like another chore on my already un-fun to-do list. Thankfully, a smart … [Read more...]

Beach Reading for Summer Getaways


This past weekend, we escaped our workaday routine for a short summer getaway. Tybee Island, outside of Savannah, Ga., is about 4 hours away--and not too much longer than that even when you factor in the kid-related stops. It was a delightful, mostly uneventful roadtrip (although, even on vacation I still struggled to just let the kids be kids and make their little mayhem. Must. Loosen. Up!). Our lazy weekend away, by the numbers: 1 condo, 2 families, 3 bedrooms, 4 kids (two 2-year-olds, two 4-year-olds) 0 major meltdowns, even with toddlers and preschoolers living out of their … [Read more...]

Mamahhh, In a Wordle

In a Wordle

A picture of a thousand (or so) words gets to the heart of Mamahhh... :-) … [Read more...]

A Picture Perfect Day

mamahhh_2011-0521 clouds2

It was a picture-perfect day, with not a camera in sight, so I have only my heart as evidence of our blissful day. My husband left early this morning to attend a work event, and the girls and I lingered and lounged around the house. They indulged in cartoons while doodling on favorite art tablets. I snuggled on the couch, drifting in and out of their dreamy morning. After awhile, they cuddled up with me, and we giggled and squirmed among the pillows and blankets. Then we headed downtown to meet my husband for lunch and followed that with a trip to our favorite frozen yogurt place near … [Read more...]

Motherhood Haiku

mamahhh_2011-0510 HeartNotes2

Happy Tuesday Haiku to you! Writing little poem-notes of haiku feels like a short, joyful meditation to me. Doodling with words, then discovering that you’ve created something really quite wonderful, a masterpiece to call your own--that's lovely. Treat yourself to a moment to enjoy these creations ... and add one of your own in the comments below! Mother love gentle / Enveloping and constant / yet fierce, protective —Susan Fisher Moms kiss our boo boos / And pick us up when we fall. / Even when we're old. —Holley Mangham First pregnancy? Wow! / You can't know what you're … [Read more...]