Let’s Write Poetry!


Motherhood has its moments—and sometimes they are long ones—of zapping your energy and depleting your creativity. Sometimes, I find a little cure in trying a new or unusual activity. And that’s the inspiration behind today’s invitation. Will you write a motherhood haiku? I know. I don’t really write poetry either. (And if you do write poetry, I admire your creativity!) A long time ago, I was a prolific creatress of angsty teen poetry, but pragmatism has long since dug her deep roots into my psyche. So I’ve been seeking out more magic and playfulness, because, really, why not?! I’ve also … [Read more...]

Book Giveaway: The Happiest Mom

Book Giveaway: The Happiest Mom

Knowing what makes you tick as a mom can boost your happiness waaaay up. Meagan Francis, author of The Happiest Mom, talks about that today—and gives you a chance to win a copy of her new book, The Happiest Mom. (Details at the end of this post!) Yesterday, mom-of-five Meagan shared what she learned about happiness from her unexpected stint as a single mom. After she and her husband divorced when their second child was a toddler, Meagan realized she was responsible for her own happiness. She dedicated herself to figuring out what made her tick and what ticked her off. Here's a peek at some … [Read more...]

The Happiest Mom

2011-05May Mamahhh MeaganFrancisFam2

Meagan Francis, bless her, has created the cheat sheet we’ve all been searching for: 10 secrets to enjoying motherhood. Meagan is the shining light behind The Happiest Mom book and blog. The Happiest Mom (sneak preview: book giveaway tomorrow!) is easy to read, beautifully designed, and filled with wisdom you might’ve come to on your own, if only you’d had the time. And the sleep. And the practice. Meagan is mom to 5, which means she has way more mom experience than most of us, statistically speaking. The other thing that makes Meagan’s advice so potent is that she came by it honestly. … [Read more...]

What I Won’t Say

What I Won't Say

I have to admit, I took the bait. Sitting in a wise woman’s circle this past weekend, we were offered a writing prompt: “what I won’t tell you.” I had so much to say. I wrote so hard, so intensely, so many of the scary things that I could never, ever tell you, or anyone. I wrote so hard my hand cramped. Then my heart cramped. And my eyes crimped. And—mamas, you know what came next—the tears were a-flowin’. Hurt, heartbreak, loss, regret. From the oh-so-shallow to the deep-dark-and-subtle, raw emotions and memories spilled and scrawled across the page. It was a little cathartic … and then … [Read more...]