Go Ahead, Walk Away


It’s Wishcasting Wednesday over at Jamie Ridler Studios. This week she’s asking, “What are you walking away from?” I have walked away from my yoga mat when the chatter in my mind got too loud and mean. I have walked away from my children when my heart started to blacken with anger that threatened to seep toward my hands. I have walked away from my husband when neither of us could find words that would do anything other than pierce our hearts. And I have returned to each with greater and deeper gratitude. Thank God. That's my prayer and my wish: Thank the heavens and her stars … [Read more...]

What does Attachment Parenting look like for you?


A dynamic group of moms here in Nashville joined together a couple years ago to create the outdoor-loving Bambino Brigade. They’re a running, hiking, zoo-going, nature-center-loving bunch of mamas of young kiddos. They also connect over some great parenting conversation on their Facebook page and web message boards. One conversation in particular caught my attention last week, and the mamas gave their blessing to share it here. On the heels of the shocking “Are you mom enough?” TIME magazine cover –which looked to be exclusively about breastfeeding, but also took a broader look at … [Read more...]

The Moods of a Mama

Nashville women's circles

It’s Wishcasting Wednesday over at Jamie Ridler Studios. This week she’s asking, “How do you wish to grow?” I wish to grow more mindful of my moods. Especially for when I am solo parenting, I want to grow more connected to my inner compass. I wish to grow a better sense of how I’m moving through my mothering moods… Happy and engaged with the children Interested in the kiddos’ activities Vaguely aware of their requests Distracted Actively tuning out their 1,000th request for peanut butter Slightly annoyed at being asked for help yet again Irritated at their fussing … [Read more...]

A Long Courtship with Self-Care

Spring Renewal Self Care Retreat Vision Board 1

A long time ago, in a life I’ve nearly forgotten—the one before kids—I had a one-dimensional view of self-care. It involved calling in sick to work for a “mental health day.” Or, “spa day.” It was all the same to me, really. One other time, someone told me I should schedule some “white space” into my planner. (Waaay back in the days of paper planners zipped into leather-bound binders!) The idea was to pencil in some “me” time.  I was never very good at it. Even when I was responsible only for the care and feeding of moi, I didn’t get far with self-care. I piled on the stress and worked … [Read more...]

Marcy Axness: Parenting for Peace


I can’t say enough how much I loved the sessions at last weekend’s Trust Birth 2012 conference here in Nashville! Being around women who are passionate about birth and parenting was so energizing. I’m looking forward to sharing what I heard about newborns’ awareness from Karen Strange, natural ways to ease perinatal mood disorders from Deanna Hlywka, ND, how Gloria LeMay sees language color our impressions of birth, the wonders Gena Kirby works with a rebozo during pregnancy and labor, and what biomechanist Katy Bowman says those pesky Kegels are doing to your pelvic floor. But first up, … [Read more...]