Blooma Nashville Yoga ~ Due in Fall 2014!

Blooma Nashville Yoga Prenatal Postnatal and More

Dear women, I am so very excited to announce the birth of my yoga studio, Blooma Nashville Yoga! We're expecting the arrival in late October/early November in the Sylvan Park neighborhood, on newly energized Charlotte Avenue! The studio will include: prenatal yoga postnatal mama-baby yoga babywearing barre classes vinyasa for everyone at hours moms (and dads!) can get out of the house and a variety of kids classes. We'll have childbirth education classes, and workshops on the parenting and pregnancy topics most relevant to YOU! You can also treat yourself well at Blooma … [Read more...]

Nurture Yourself with A Yoga Nap

Nashville yoga nidra for mothers

Napping has never come easily to me, even when I was just. so. tired. during the early months of being a new mama. Finally, in my 7th year of parenting, I’ve gotten the hang of napping—or at least a version of it. Yoga nidra, also known as yogic sleep, blends elements of napping and meditation in one short session. That’s why it’s one of my go-to personal practices for taking care of my heart and my spirit.Yoga nidra guides you through a passive whole-body relaxation, from your toe tips to the top of your head. Ideally, you do this practice in comfortable clothes on a yoga mat. I tend to rest … [Read more...]

November 2013 Newsletter

Nashville prenatal yoga

My favorite moment in a prenatal yoga class is that last one, when mamas sit, beautiful in their bodies, deeply in sync with breath and baby. My favorite love note to share at that time is one that meant the world to me every time I heard it during my own pregnancies: She believed she could, so she did. From your self-care practice to your mothering practice to daring to prepare for the birth of your dreams, invite in that kind-hearted certainty: You are enough. You are capable. You are worthy. Whatever comes your way, dear woman, you have the heart for it. Click here for the November … [Read more...]

Prenatal Yoga Moves for Labor

Nashville Prenatal Yoga

Whether or not you’re a prenatal yoga regular, these moves can help you stay focused and at ease as you progress through labor. Lunges – lunge up and downs stairs (carefully!), stepping sideways (feet parallel with the front edge of the step, so you're facing the side of the stairwell) with a deep lunge to encourage your pelvis to open, creating more space for baby. Hands and knees – a great laboring position for receiving hip counterpressure during contractions, great for keeping your gaze down and inward to keep you feeling grounded, a good place to circle your hips and release tension … [Read more...]