Birthing Ourselves into Being: “Freedom to be Vulnerable”

Emi Canahuati Nashville women's circle

Emi Canahuati is a wife, mother, sexuality health educator, and a participant in the 2013 Birthing Ourselves into Being women's circle in Nashville. For years, Emi has helped people thrive by educating them about the healthy, vibrant role sexuality plays in creating a happy, fulfilled life. But even as she was helping others take care of themselves, Emi realized she wasn't always tending to her own happiness and well-being. Here, Emi explains how she connected with her inner strength by dedicating a year to deepening her relationship with her own heart: "I didn’t know spaces like this … [Read more...]

Birthing Ourselves into Being Women’s Circle: “Exactly What I Needed”

Wife, mother, and businesswoman Kristy May participated in Nashville's 2013 Birthing Ourselves into Being women's circle. Here, in her own words, Kristy speaks about the meaning circle work has held for her, and ultimately for her family, this year: "The invitation to participate in the Birthing Ourselves Into Being Women’s Circle came at a time in my life when major changes were on the forefront and big decisions had to be made. Although I was hesitant of a weekly commitment for an entire year, it was exactly what I needed to work through all that was surfacing during this pivotal … [Read more...]

Birthing Ourselves into Being 2014

Nashville Women's Circle

Each one of us has a vision of the life we know we could be living “if only…” Do you hear the call of the woman you are becoming? Are you longing for connection and support from women who will witness your true self? Are you ready to go from dreaming the dream to living the dream? Then join us for Birthing Ourselves into Being 2014. This year-long course draws on the metaphor of birth and the intrinsic ways women create to see you through the process of conception, gestation, and birthing yourself into being. We are living in a dynamic, super-charged time and each of us feels the … [Read more...]

The Tender Care of a Loss Doula

Miscarriage Infant Loss Support Nashville

Women in the midst of pregnancy who have experienced trauma and women who are sensitive to deeply emotional topics may find this a difficult post to read. ** This post is intended to help educate women about the role of loss doulas who support families during pregnancy and infant loss. ** --- On August 12, 2010, Leanne Latterell experienced what no mother ought to endure: Her precious son Michael was stillborn. Two years earlier, Leanne had been drawn into the work of supporting women through pregnancy loss. Now she faced her own loss—and she tapped into a well of understanding … [Read more...]

Mother’s Circle: Release Your Fears

Nashville Mother's Circle

Will my baby be OK?  Will I need a Cesarean section? How many more nights will this baby want to nurse every hour? How am I going to make it through the day? Can we afford that?   Will my job still be there? Will I have a good relationship with my kids when they grow up? Does my spouse even like me any more?! What are we going to do when... {sign up for the 'releasing fears' mother's circle below!} Breathe, mama. Enjoy a soft sigh, and let yourself rest a minute. The endless questions, anxieties, and worries are expressions of fear. Some fears are personal, reflections of our own … [Read more...]