Write Your Birth Story

Writing Your Birth Story Nashville

I cherish my daughters' birth stories because they are *our* stories, each one an epic tale of mother and daughter meeting for the first time. My daughters love to hear about their birth days -- those sacred events that led to their arrival earthside. I love birth stories, too, so much so that I created a book of them, and created a special section for them here on the {breathe, mama} blog. But I'll be the first to admit that a birth story isn't easy to write! That's why I'm offering a new workshop, Writing Your Birthing Story. {sign up for the birth story workshop below!} My … [Read more...]

Will GoldieBlox Put Stars in Her Eyes?


When we moved to Nashville, one of the considerations in choosing our daughters' school was picking a place that supported our then-5-year-old's interest in math. (We found our school home in the Montessori tradition.) I wasn't about to do *anything* that would take away from a little girl's love of math! So when I saw this awesome video of girls rocking out in support of STEM fun, I was hooked! GoldieBlox looks like girl-genius to me! When the grandparents start asking for holiday gift ideas, we're all set! Mamas, what are your kiddos' favorite science, technology, engineering & math … [Read more...]

Pregnancy Superfoods: July 16 Special Event!

Pregnancy Superfoods

Hey Nashville mamas, I'm excited to let you know about a special guest visiting Nashville on July 16 at Sanctuary for Yoga: Bridget Swinney RD MS, author of Eating Expectantly and Baby Bites, will be in town to talk about great prenatal nutrition! She'll share 6 superfoods that are incredibly healthy for your pregnancy. Bridget has worked as a clinical dietitian, public health nutritionist, WIC Program Director, diabetes educator and weight loss group facilitator. The first edition of Eating Expectantly won the Child Magazine's Top Ten Parenting Books of the Year. Bridget will be … [Read more...]

Katy Bowman on the Sexy Back Encore!


Ladies, Go right now to the Sexy Back Summit for Encore Day! Katy Bowman's session "The Painful Pelvis, the Paleo Pelvis, and Sex." is online FREE for TODAY 5/25/13 ONLY! {{UPDATE! Extended to 5/26, plus more from the Sexy Back Summit at http://sexybacksummit.com/dr-daniel-kalish/ }} Katy is a mother, and a wicked smart biomechanical scientist, and --bonus!-- she is darn funny. Katy is a Pelvic Floor Specialist who got her start in grad school talking about "vaginal expulsion," which may be the most fabulously nerdy way ever of saying "giving birth." My introduction's to Katy's work … [Read more...]

How to Court Your Inner Wild Woman

Henna woman's circle Nashville

When was the last time you felt unedited, uncensored, creative and creating for the pleasure of it? As I studied the Wild Woman archetype in my women’s circle this month, I realized I’ve been feeling a lot less creative than I’d like! I’ve been caught up coordinating the logistics of family life, and my inner Wild Woman checked out for a catnap! Wild Woman is the untamed one within each of us~ the one who trusts her instincts even when conventional advice suggests otherwise the one who doses day-in day-out routines with a splash of creativity the one who charts the path that serves … [Read more...]