New Birth Choices for Moms and Doulas


Pregnant moms and doulas in Nashville have a new option for birth support: Hospital-based doula programs are springing up at a couple hospitals around town. Free doulas?! Whether or not you love the idea, there are a wealth of considerations to be made beyond the price tag. Doula rates span quite a range, from about $300 to over $1000. To learn more about free-for-families hospital-based doulas, and volunteer doula programs in particular, I checked in with my friend and colleague Alisa Blackwood, a, volunteer in the Woodwinds Health Campus doula program in Minneapolis since 2007. A … [Read more...]

Giveaway: massage OR online gift card

Mamahhh Nashville Giveaway

I don't know about you, but I could use a great massage! Which leads me to this: As the new year gets rolling, I’m tweaking my yoga class schedule and workshop offerings to better meet the needs of women in Nashville. I’m also working on a few new online offerings for the year. I’d love to have your guidance about how to be a useful part of your pregnancy, parenting, and self-care experience. So I’m asking whether you can spare a few minutes to complete the following survey about in-person Nashville classes and online events open to mamas everywhere: For your … [Read more...]

Wise Woman Circle: The Edge of …

New Years Resolutions Nashville Womens Circle

For the past few years, my dreams have offered me a word for the new year. A few years ago, it was "enough." "Encircled" and "engaged" have anchored my resolutions, too. So far, the dream goddesses are holding out on me for 2013, but "edge" seemed a fitting theme for the first seasonal woman's circle of the year. Join me in Nashville's Berry Hill neighborhood on Friday, January 11, at 6pm, and we'll consider... As we step forward into new possibilities, what edges are you playing as you envision the year ahead? Are there thresholds to cross? Initiations to experience? What is the allure of … [Read more...]

One Year, One Circle, One Commitment


The momentum is building for a year-long women’s circle here in Nashville! Based on the book Birthing Ourselves into Being, by Baraka Elihu, this weekly women’s circle has the potential to make your dreams crystal clear, seriously & sweetly upgrade your self-care, and create lasting bonds with other women. I experienced this circle with 9 other women in Athens, Georgia, in 2011. Our group was facilitated by Baraka at womanspace. For me, connecting in a shared sacred space with a dedicated group of women week after week enriched my life spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Time … [Read more...]

Prenatal Yoga Happy Hour

Pregnancy mocktail

Not too long ago, there was a study suggesting pregnant moms could safely drink more than a half-dozen drinks a week. I enjoyed the occasional sip of wine while pregnant, but I can hardly imagine 6+!! (I’m not judging if you do; it’s just that I would have been snoozing my way through drinks 2 through 6!) How did you change your drinking habits during pregnancy? Was there something you couldn’t live without? A drink you never missed? Mocktails or decaf? Share your favorite mocktails recipes! I’d love to give them a try at the Prenatal Yoga Mamahhhs Happy Hour I’m hosting in a couple … [Read more...]