Little Pickle Press: Mindful Storytime at Nashville’s Parnassus


Nashville's Parnassus Books hosts kids storytime every weekend, and we're particularly excited about this weekend's line-up! Mom, author, and publisher Rana DiOrio shares her approach to talking with little kids about big topics like mindfulness, environmental stewardship, global connection, and personal safety. Rana—chief executive pickle of Little Pickle Press—is a reformed lawyer and investment banker, an active private equity investor and entrepreneur supporter, a self-described lifelong learner, and a mom of three little pickles. Rana founded her children's publishing company in 2009 … [Read more...]

On Labor Day, A Birth Rally


On Labor Day, women and families in more than 100 cities around the country rallied for what ought to be a given: evidence-based maternity care. In my hometown, Nashville TN, more than a hundred people gathered along West End in Centennial Park for our Rally for Change —organized by local doula Holly Heveron-Smith. The solid show of support speaks to the vibrant and dedicated community of birth doulas, midwives, educators, and advocates who dedicate themselves to making birth better for women and their babies. The demands of evidence-based maternity care aren't extreme: No inductions … [Read more...]

Before the Birth Plan, A Pregnancy Plan

I’m worried about the state of birth in our society. Fewer doctors know what drug-free childbirth looks like. Vaginal births are on the decline in too many places. More moms think their care providers are going to educate them about childbirth during the already too-short appointments dedicated to checking on mom’s and baby’s prenatal health. And it feels a lot like we’re conceding birth as a medical event, rather than protecting it as the wholly natural and empowering experience it can be. Let’s be clear: I don’t believe the only “good” birth is a natural birth. I don’t think OBs are the … [Read more...]

Mamahhh’s Self-Care Month – Go To Sleep

Young woman relaxing in bed

We pulled into Nashville late last night and rose early this morning. Doubly early, really, what with the daylight savings time boosting the time zone change. East coast to central. How will we adjust to life that  begins before 8am, after settling in so nicely to days that get rolling at 9? That will have to be a self-care question for another day! Tonight, I am tired. And even my night owl self is going along with the wishes of my higher self, the one who’s after a night of peaceful dreaming: We are going to bed, all of me, before 10pm. I cannot even imagine the last time such an event … [Read more...]

Mamahhh’s Self-Care Month: Say Yes, and No


What I know for sure about self-care is that it’s all quite new to me. I am a self-care beginner, apprenticing with what it means to truly nurture myself, so I can be more present—showing up more vibrantly—in my life. Today’s practice has been about saying Yes, and about saying No. We are in the midst of moving from northeast Georgia to Nashville, Tenn. Which means that in the next coupla months I will completely uproot one life and attempt to replant our family in a completely new-to-us town. At first, I said No to putting our house on the market right away. Then, I realized it was … [Read more...]