Motherhood Pains? 4 Ways to Feel Better

Birth changes you forever in myriad ways. Serious lifestyle changes demand your energy: Staying up all night nursing a baby, rather than say, nursing a sweet glass of wine with dinner. And then there are the physical changes—too numerous to list, really. Breasts, belly, lady parts, all so very, very different, although those changes are not all that unexpected. What can catch you by surprise are the random body aches and pains that come from bearing and raising children. Belly Button Bliss birth story contributor Kara Douglass Thom, who is the author of the book & blog Hot (Sweaty) … [Read more...]

Birth Story: Jenna’s VBAC


It’s a perfect September fall day, warm and sunny, not as humid as summertime. We canoe down the Broad River—me in the front, my husband, Matt, in the back, and our son, Bodey, in the middle. Eight weeks pregnant with baby #2, I tire easily and can’t exert myself. I turn around in the canoe to sit. Leaning back, I simply stare up, noticing how the sky is edged by the trees. I feel like I’m one with those trees. It’s a precious moment in time, the kind you savor forever and recollect when you need to come back to happiness.   THE PREMONITION What happens next feels beyond … [Read more...]

Mamahhh’s Self-Care Month – See the Beauty


The weather turned dreary this week. A day-long downpour on Monday, gray skies on Tuesday, and still-breezy temps today. Now that the leaves are mostly fallen, the neighborhood trees are nearly naked, vulnerable to the oncoming winter. But there's this one beautiful, burning flame of a tree that sits so much on the edge of my neighbor's yard that I enjoy it as though it were rooted on my own land. This gorgeous Japanese maple shines her light in the rain, in the gray, in the cold. She's like a one-woman stop to the gray-day blues. What's shining a light in your life today, dear … [Read more...]