An Attack on Sugar? Sweet!

Attack on Sugar

There's a call for a major attack on sugar: huge taxes on candy, a no-candy zone around schools, and cracking down on food labels so that the 48 names of sugar are all easily identified as “sugar.” This, say pediatrics professor Robert Lustig and The New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman, is the kind of anti-sugar action needed to cripple the rise in obesity and chronic disease. A no-candy zone?! Think that sounds extreme? Hands off my cookies? I hear that. And yet—I’m ALL IN! Not just for my kids’ sake, but for my own. My name is Jenni, and I am a sugarholic. This is the front line … [Read more...]

The Big News: How did you announce your pregnancy?


Last week, I found out that one of my former prenatal yoga students, Buffy, will soon be back on the mat: She and her husband are expecting their second little one. Her reveal was pretty spectacular, I thought. She broke the news to her friends on Facebook by sharing a video that captured the moment when she tells her mother she's pregnant again. The video of her mom is the sweetest thing, and it had me all teared up. Here's how Buffy broke the news to her mom: I love when her mom says, “No wonder you look so beautiful!” What a great mom! What a great gift from her … [Read more...]