New! Calendar of Events


Oh, how I love the little things, and the easy things. Like this new calendar. Check it out for my classes in Nashville: prenatal yoga mama-baby postnatal yoga Forrest yoga for everyone, for self-care You'll also find info about women's circles, yoga bootcamp, speaking engagements, and other awesome events where we can connect! The amazingly helpful, why-didn't-I-do-this-sooner calendar is here: (And if you haven't already given your family the gift of a color-coded calendar, a la google, go get one! You can even use it to schedule, … [Read more...]

Mamahhh’s Self-Care Month – Take the Night Off

My prize for a week of long evenings spent cleaning the house, days overflowing like a new mama’s diaper bag, and too many rides on an emotional tilt-a-whirl? A night of solo parenting! So I took the night off, y’all. I took care of my children, of course. But when my friend suggested our families have dinner out, I said YES and bribed the kids to enjoy yet another night of Mexican food. I topped it off with ice cream dessert from the drive-thru so I didn’t have to make good on my promise of a cookie from their favorite grocery. (That would have required getting in and out of carseats yet … [Read more...]

Gay Parents vs. Single Moms?!

Gay Parents vs. Single Moms?!

Yep, that's what a recent study from the Pew Research Center indicates. Support is increasing for gay parents, but single moms still struggle with a predominantly negative stereotype. Check out the details in my post over at iVillage, in support of all parents! … [Read more...]