Get Grounded


Stand up. Feel your feet. Press down through the outer edges of your feet. Lift your arches. Spread your toes. Lightly lift your toes. Feel your hips over your heels. Anchor your tailbone lightly toward the earth. Snuggle your belly button toward your spine. Spread your ribs as you breathe. Soften your shoulders, neck, and jaw. Soften your gaze. "Let the soft animal of your body love what it loves." ~Mary Oliver   photo credit | all rights reserved | Jennifer Derryberry Mann … [Read more...]

Let’s Write Poetry!


Motherhood has its moments—and sometimes they are long ones—of zapping your energy and depleting your creativity. Sometimes, I find a little cure in trying a new or unusual activity. And that’s the inspiration behind today’s invitation. Will you write a motherhood haiku? I know. I don’t really write poetry either. (And if you do write poetry, I admire your creativity!) A long time ago, I was a prolific creatress of angsty teen poetry, but pragmatism has long since dug her deep roots into my psyche. So I’ve been seeking out more magic and playfulness, because, really, why not?! I’ve also … [Read more...]