For Heaven’s Sake, Try Some Yoga!

Christian Postpartum Yoga

Katie from TLCatholic shares her totally grounded, insightful, and witty experience --and ultimately acceptance-- of yoga as a practice for feeling better in her body and bringing ease into her life. She's so easy to read! And she makes a great point about yoga's helpfulness during the postpartum phase of mothering. Enjoy! -- "Bring your hands to heart's center.  Focus on your breath.  Allow your movement to flow from your breath..." Sitting in a classroom of Butler Hospital (for those of you who are not from Rhode Island, that's the mental hospital, or as my politically correct husband … [Read more...]

World Breastfeeding Week: Encouragement for New Nursing Mamas


At last night’s prenatal yoga class, I asked the moms whether they planned to nurse. All hands flew up without hesitation. When I asked how many had a plan for nursing successfully, only one hand went up. Sure, some babies latch right on and the nursing relationship is bliss from the get-go, but that seems to be the exception! Attending a breastfeeding class while pregnant is a good start to a great breastfeeding experience.  Arranging a visit with a good lactation consultant right after birth—and then again as often as needed—is also smart. As World Breastfeeding Week, August 1 – 7, … [Read more...]