Empowering Fearless Birth Giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Mamas, grab your chance to WIN a FREE COUPLES PASS to the Empowering Fearless Birth conference in middle Tennessee! Parents-to-be & new parents, this event will be packed with birth- & baby-related health  & wellness companies, plus a full slate of free classes going on all day... Mark your calendar: March 8th, 2014 Empowering Fearless Birth -- Tennessee!! Local parent & birth focused vendors Empowering keynote speakers Classes for expecting couples and parents Q&A Panels with local parents Screening of "BIRTH STORY: Ina May and … [Read more...]

Katy Bowman on the Sexy Back Encore!


Ladies, Go right now to the Sexy Back Summit for Encore Day! Katy Bowman's session "The Painful Pelvis, the Paleo Pelvis, and Sex." is online FREE for TODAY 5/25/13 ONLY! {{UPDATE! Extended to 5/26, plus more from the Sexy Back Summit at http://sexybacksummit.com/dr-daniel-kalish/ }} Katy is a mother, and a wicked smart biomechanical scientist, and --bonus!-- she is darn funny. Katy is a Pelvic Floor Specialist who got her start in grad school talking about "vaginal expulsion," which may be the most fabulously nerdy way ever of saying "giving birth." My introduction's to Katy's work … [Read more...]

New! Calendar of Events


Oh, how I love the little things, and the easy things. Like this new calendar. Check it out for my classes in Nashville: prenatal yoga mama-baby postnatal yoga Forrest yoga for everyone, for self-care You'll also find info about women's circles, yoga bootcamp, speaking engagements, and other awesome events where we can connect! The amazingly helpful, why-didn't-I-do-this-sooner calendar is here: http://mamahhh.com/nashville-prenatal-yoga/ (And if you haven't already given your family the gift of a color-coded calendar, a la google, go get one! You can even use it to schedule, … [Read more...]

Laughing and Lactating

Laughing and Lactating

True story: I recently saw a mama leak milk while laughing. There weren’t any babies around at the time, so that wasn’t the cause of her leak. In fact, we were laughing just for the sake of laughing when the lactating started. Has this happened to you? In this case, there were about 20 of us women circled up, all part of the Blooma Advanced Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training. As part of a teaching exercise, we were practicing laughter yoga, with each woman taking a turn laughing intentionally. In other words, our laughter wasn’t fake, just not spontaneous. But as our laughs made their way … [Read more...]

Mamahhh, In a Wordle

In a Wordle

A picture of a thousand (or so) words gets to the heart of Mamahhh... :-) … [Read more...]