Your Perfectly Pregnant Body: A Meditation

Pregnant woman loving life

After a short, sweet prenatal yoga practice last night (the Be Blooma Well prenatal yoga DVD is similar), I offered the moms-to-be a gentle pregnancy meditation to nourish their beautiful round bellies and awe-inspiring bodies. It went something like this: Your body is miraculous, growing another body within. Every cell bears strength. Your bones, your muscles, your tendons and ligaments—all of you, resilient and responsive as your body changes and your baby grows. Your hormonal system is a wonder and a mystery. It communicates, between your cells and your baby’s cells, an agreement to begin … [Read more...]

Birthing Inspiration


For this week's Inspiration Workshop, Gussy Sews wants to know: What inspires? I owe a little apology to the mamas attending my prenatal yoga classes the past few months: I've been slacking on the soundtrack, which means I've been coming up short on bringing a little inspiration to your birthing day. My ipod and I have been having a mini-standoff of sorts (oh, tech and tunes, you are not my forté!), and so I have been missing one of my favorite artists: Snatam Kaur. The heavenly voice of Snatam is always a favorite among prenatal mamas. Her Grace album, in particular, is truly divine. … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Prepare for Natural Birth

5 Ways to Prepare for Natural Birth

During introductions in the prenatal yoga classes I teach, there’s often a mom-to-be or two who say they’re “thinking about” natural childbirth, or they “might try for a natural birth.” That kind of hedging makes me feel nervous for them. Natural birth isn’t something that most women can just “try.” It’s a powerful, physical experience, and one that calls for physical and emotional, even spiritual, dedication and preparation. Natural birth is possible—and for far more than the 14% of women who experience it, I believe. But you have to get ready for it. Few and far between are the mamas whose … [Read more...]

And the Winner is…


Congratulations to Lynsee Miller, who won this week's giveaway: the Be Blooma Well Prenatal Yoga DVD. To stay fit during pregnancy and birth, Lynsee says she walks her dog daily, does some yoga at home with a video, and attends prenatal yoga (full disclosure: she comes to my class at Full Bloom Pregnancy & Early Parenting Center :-) ). About practicing prenatal yoga, she says: I notice more strength and confidence in my body and what I am capable of accomplishing with it! The breathing techniques that I have learned have been so helpful in many other aspects of my life as … [Read more...]

Prenatal Yoga DVD Giveaway!


While pregnant with my two daughters, I attended dozens of prenatal yoga classes with the fabulous Sarah Longacre, yogini-in-chief at Blooma, a prenatal & postnatal yoga studio in Minneapolis. I don't know how many classes it was exactly, but between the two pregnancies, well over 100 for sure. I loved Sarah's classes so much that after my first birth, I helped her birth her own studio. And after the studio opened, she helped me become a prenatal yoga teacher. Then while I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, Sarah decided she'd like to create a prenatal yoga DVD (and you can win a … [Read more...]