Self-Care from Ahhh to Zzzz Self-Care Ahhh to Zzzz

So I was thinking I'd change the name of this Mamahhh blog to Mamazzzz once I've mastered self-care. :-) OK, not really, but those ZZZs? That is the epitome of excellent self-care for me: consistently great sleep. What is first-rate self-care for you? Self-care is an ahhh to zzzz kind of practice (and ample ahhhs usually lead to the best zzzzs), and I'm excited to spend all day tomorrow talking about this crucial topic with women in Athens, Georgia. In the morning, we'll check in at the Georgia La Leche League 2012 Breastfeeding and Parenting conference. Snuggles, shared laughs, … [Read more...]