The Trouble with Bed Rest

A pregnant mama I know was recently put on bed rest by her doctor. I cringe a little when moms-to-be say they're on bed rest, because doctors have known for ages that there's no solid, consistent evidence that bed rest improves birth outcomes. And in the past few weeks, there have been reports that bed rest may actually make things worse. If you are prescribed bed rest, consider that this could be a moment to move deeper into an empowered pregnancy experience for you and your baby. Do your research, practice informed consent/informed refusal, and respectfully request a deeper conversation … [Read more...]

How to Court Your Inner Wild Woman

Henna woman's circle Nashville

When was the last time you felt unedited, uncensored, creative and creating for the pleasure of it? As I studied the Wild Woman archetype in my women’s circle this month, I realized I’ve been feeling a lot less creative than I’d like! I’ve been caught up coordinating the logistics of family life, and my inner Wild Woman checked out for a catnap! Wild Woman is the untamed one within each of us~ the one who trusts her instincts even when conventional advice suggests otherwise the one who doses day-in day-out routines with a splash of creativity the one who charts the path that serves … [Read more...]

A Long Courtship with Self-Care

Spring Renewal Self Care Retreat Vision Board 1

A long time ago, in a life I’ve nearly forgotten—the one before kids—I had a one-dimensional view of self-care. It involved calling in sick to work for a “mental health day.” Or, “spa day.” It was all the same to me, really. One other time, someone told me I should schedule some “white space” into my planner. (Waaay back in the days of paper planners zipped into leather-bound binders!) The idea was to pencil in some “me” time.  I was never very good at it. Even when I was responsible only for the care and feeding of moi, I didn’t get far with self-care. I piled on the stress and worked … [Read more...]

Is Your Self Care a Pile of Poop?

As I pulled into the driveway at a friend’s house this weekend, I noticed her in the backyard. She had on her cozy sweater (don’t we all have that sweater?!), well-loved pajama pants, and a pair of hard-soled slippers. Then I noticed the plastic bag in one hand and the shovel in the other. She was scooping the dog poop. I went around back and teased her about the glamorous chore. She laughed, and then confessed: With a baby and a just-turned-3-year-old, she no longer had time for gardening. Picking up dog poop was about as close as she got, she said, and actually, it had a sort of … [Read more...]

Mamahhh’s Self-Care Month – See the Beauty


The weather turned dreary this week. A day-long downpour on Monday, gray skies on Tuesday, and still-breezy temps today. Now that the leaves are mostly fallen, the neighborhood trees are nearly naked, vulnerable to the oncoming winter. But there's this one beautiful, burning flame of a tree that sits so much on the edge of my neighbor's yard that I enjoy it as though it were rooted on my own land. This gorgeous Japanese maple shines her light in the rain, in the gray, in the cold. She's like a one-woman stop to the gray-day blues. What's shining a light in your life today, dear … [Read more...]