Mamahhh’s Self-Care Month – Visualize Your Yoga

This morning, I endured a couple hours’ dental work. Fun Times with Dr. Rice started last year when he announced that it was past time to replace all my childhood fillings. The ones I’d received when the enamel didn’t form all the way over my teeth. The ones that were a consolation prize for being born before preventative faux-enamel technology came along. Back then, I didn’t make it easy on my good Dr. Hanks. The first time we had a big dental experience, he and 6-year-old-me and those amalgam fillings, I bit him and peed in the chair. (TMI, I know!) Every visit after that, I had to take … [Read more...]

Mamahhh’s Self-Care Month – Shift Your Perspective

I love those days when “self-care” means “get a massage.” And more and more, I’m appreciating those days—like today—when “self-care” means “shift your perspective.” That’s how I’m easing into this month of creating nurturing and protections for myself as I do the work of moving my family from Georgia to Tennessee over the next two months. I’m changing my mind about what I need in order to handle this big task in a way that feels intentional and loving. I was explaining to my friend and colleague Baraka Elihu of womanspace that blogging about self-care this month was a way to hold myself … [Read more...]