Mamahhh’s Self-Care Month – Post It: You are Beautiful

At my local yoga studio, Five Points Yoga, there’s the sweetest note on the bathroom mirror. It says: You are beautiful! (Yes, you!) Why not stick a note like that on your morning mirror? Because you are! Beautiful! A dear friend of mine recently made "seeing beauty" her personal work. She committed to seeing and sensing her own beauty daily. She was kind to herself in the mirror, and she captured her own beauty in some self-portraits she shot. Most remarkably, she said that not long after she started thinking more kindly about her beauty, the universe mirrored that back to her: … [Read more...]

Baby, You’re a Firework


OK, OK, it's a bit cute for the 4th of July, but sometimes pop culture serves it up just right. So go on: ignite your light, and let it shine. There's wisdom in that, cliché or not. Enjoy the day, mamas, and shine brightly for those who love you. Show them what you're worth. Dare to be the sparkling, exciting, amazing example of the kind of life you hope your little ones will live! … [Read more...]