Losing It, for Love

Mamahhh Snuggle Bugs

Last night, not long after Mother Earth tipped her heart toward a season of light, my daughters slipped into bed with me. Through sleepy eyes, I read 2am on the clock. We easily went back to dreaming until the 7s, when daylight drew us from beneath the sheets. We lingered, waiting until there was less than an hour, less than a half-hour, until we absolutely had to burst forth into the morning. We were blossoms celebrating the first day of spring. With incredible efficiency, we moved through the first morning rituals. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the little one. Cheerios for the … [Read more...]

Is Your Self Care a Pile of Poop?


As I pulled into the driveway at a friend’s house this weekend, I noticed her in the backyard. She had on her cozy sweater (don’t we all have that sweater?!), well-loved pajama pants, and a pair of hard-soled slippers. Then I noticed the plastic bag in one hand and the shovel in the other. She was scooping the dog poop. I went around back and teased her about the glamorous chore. She laughed, and then confessed: With a baby and a just-turned-3-year-old, she no longer had time for gardening. Picking up dog poop was about as close as she got, she said, and actually, it had a sort of … [Read more...]

Spring Ritual: Technicolor Tie-Dyed Eggs


Just a few weeks ago, our family was celebrating the sweetness of spring and enjoying Easter weekend, which was truly a gift this year. Our daughters, nearing 5 and 3, are waking up to ritual and traditions. So this spring, we celebrated the way life renews, with color bursting forth in the springtime, as though cells and stuffs and the Earth itself are deliriously grateful for a world in full bloom. The littles didn't quite say it that way, of course. Our version: technicolor tie-dyed eggs. After my daughter discovered an egg art project I’d done earlier this year, I promised her we’d make … [Read more...]

Dream Eggs

Dream Eggs

I love art projects. Here's one I did a couple of weeks ago with my women's circle: Drawing on the hopeful energy of springtime and the promise of fertility, we decorated eggs to express the dreams and intentions we’d most love to give birth to in our lives. … [Read more...]