An Attack on Sugar? Sweet!

Attack on Sugar

There's a call for a major attack on sugar: huge taxes on candy, a no-candy zone around schools, and cracking down on food labels so that the 48 names of sugar are all easily identified as “sugar.” This, say pediatrics professor Robert Lustig and The New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman, is the kind of anti-sugar action needed to cripple the rise in obesity and chronic disease. A no-candy zone?! Think that sounds extreme? Hands off my cookies? I hear that. And yet—I’m ALL IN! Not just for my kids’ sake, but for my own. My name is Jenni, and I am a sugarholic. This is the front line … [Read more...]

Year-End Resolutions


Why wait to set New Year’s Resolutions? Year-end Resolutions, here we go! My latest BodyMindBliss yoga bootcamp starts tomorrow. I offer a week-long early-morning yoga practice like this a few times a year. It’s perfect for waking up my practice, both as a teacher and as a student. I encourage students to set an intention to carry them through the week, and I do the same: Better sleep. Less sugar. World Peace. That sort of thing. This time, with Thanksgiving next week and my friends posting on Facebook about how they’ve already decorated for Christmas (How can you people be that … [Read more...]