7 Days of Self-Care: Day 1


This week, unwrap the gift of 35 ways to indulge in and appreciate self-care. Sometimes self-care is big, like spa day or date night. More often, it’s a state of mind that embraces you and centers you in compassion. Sometimes self-care requires a little planning. Other times, you simply need acknowledge the goddess that is *you* in the moment. Come back to your center, beloved. Remember that you are enough, just as you are, the crown Mama jewel.   “Self-care is the development of your highest self.” ~ Rachel Harris, PhD, author of 20-Minute Retreats: Revive Yourself in Just Minutes a … [Read more...]

40 Minutes Later…


Today is that day. The one with so much to do that it feels impossible to know where to begin. The day when my work-from-home status isn’t sure whether it’s dedicated to clean-the-house work, pay-the-bills work, feed-the-soul work, or keep-this-whole-Mann-Fam-operation-afloat work. I’m stuck. Every room in the house calls for my attention and a claim on my time. I want to snuggle up with the DVR remote and clear that sucker out … 2 episodes of a show I don’t even like yet … 4 doses of 30 Rock … a nerd-heaven documentary about dolphins. The brain candy awaits, right. over. there! But … [Read more...]