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This evening I had the privilege of attending and speaking at our local ICAN of Athens meeting here in northeast Georgia. I joined forces with registered dietitian Marion Boyd, and we talked about prenatal eating and exercise. I’ll share more about that next week, but first, I wanted to put in a plug for ICAN. The short version: If you're pregnant, check out an ICAN meeting! I’d been meaning to attend one of their meetings for quite some time, and my schedule, intentions, and ambition just never seemed to line up. So I was grateful for the invitation to join the meeting tonight. Here’s … [Read more...]

Birth Story: How Birth Was Meant To Be

How Birth Was Meant to Be

Mama: Maureen Hunt Baby: Madeline, born March 3, 2007, at 4:27 p.m., 8 pounds 3 ounces, 20¼ inches Excerpted from Belly Button Bliss:  A Small Collection of Happy Birth Stories With my first baby, I had an uncomplicated, scheduled Cesarean section at thirty-nine and a half weeks. My baby was breech, and she stayed that way despite the acupressure and moxibustion I’d tried to encourage her to turn. After the C-section, we were both physically fine, but I felt I had lost my power as a mother. I felt like I didn’t give birth to my baby. The doctors pulled her out of me, and … [Read more...]

Interview: Birth Advocate Rebecca Quintana

Interview: Birth Advocate Rebecca Quintana

In the spirit of celebrating my mama’s right to imperfection, here today is a profile I intended to share *last month.* In honor of Cesarean Awareness Month, I'd like to introduce you to the remarkable Rebecca Quintana. Rebecca Quintana is an inspirational ICAN birth advocate here in Athens, Georgia, and I think she beautifully embodies the volunteer esprit de corps that energizes the International Cesarean Awareness Network.  She is a DONA-certified birth doula who homeschools her six children (ages 1 to 19). Rebecca also helps her husband operate the family drywall business. All things … [Read more...]