Birthing Ourselves into Being 2014

Nashville Women's Circle

Each one of us has a vision of the life we know we could be living “if only…” Do you hear the call of the woman you are becoming? Are you longing for connection and support from women who will witness your true self? Are you ready to go from dreaming the dream to living the dream? Then join us for Birthing Ourselves into Being 2014. This year-long course draws on the metaphor of birth and the intrinsic ways women create to see you through the process of conception, gestation, and birthing yourself into being. We are living in a dynamic, super-charged time and each of us feels the … [Read more...]

Mother’s Circle: Release Your Fears

Nashville Mother's Circle

Will my baby be OK?  Will I need a Cesarean section? How many more nights will this baby want to nurse every hour? How am I going to make it through the day? Can we afford that?   Will my job still be there? Will I have a good relationship with my kids when they grow up? Does my spouse even like me any more?! What are we going to do when... {sign up for the 'releasing fears' mother's circle below!} Breathe, mama. Enjoy a soft sigh, and let yourself rest a minute. The endless questions, anxieties, and worries are expressions of fear. Some fears are personal, reflections of our own … [Read more...]

How to Court Your Inner Wild Woman

Henna woman's circle Nashville

When was the last time you felt unedited, uncensored, creative and creating for the pleasure of it? As I studied the Wild Woman archetype in my women’s circle this month, I realized I’ve been feeling a lot less creative than I’d like! I’ve been caught up coordinating the logistics of family life, and my inner Wild Woman checked out for a catnap! Wild Woman is the untamed one within each of us~ the one who trusts her instincts even when conventional advice suggests otherwise the one who doses day-in day-out routines with a splash of creativity the one who charts the path that serves … [Read more...]

Giveaway: massage OR online gift card

Mamahhh Nashville Giveaway

I don't know about you, but I could use a great massage! Which leads me to this: As the new year gets rolling, I’m tweaking my yoga class schedule and workshop offerings to better meet the needs of women in Nashville. I’m also working on a few new online offerings for the year. I’d love to have your guidance about how to be a useful part of your pregnancy, parenting, and self-care experience. So I’m asking whether you can spare a few minutes to complete the following survey about in-person Nashville classes and online events open to mamas everywhere: For your … [Read more...]

One Year, One Circle, One Commitment


The momentum is building for a year-long women’s circle here in Nashville! Based on the book Birthing Ourselves into Being, by Baraka Elihu, this weekly women’s circle has the potential to make your dreams crystal clear, seriously & sweetly upgrade your self-care, and create lasting bonds with other women. I experienced this circle with 9 other women in Athens, Georgia, in 2011. Our group was facilitated by Baraka at womanspace. For me, connecting in a shared sacred space with a dedicated group of women week after week enriched my life spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Time … [Read more...]