Struggle-Free Living


For me, one of the most deeply resonant lessons from my yoga teacher Ana Forrest (that's her amazing self in the photo) is her encouragement  to practice—and ultimately to live—without struggle. In her new book, Fierce Medicine, she explains: “When we struggle, we become our most stupid self. We lose contact with our deep breath, we forget all of our resources, we move in a desperate, injuring way, and then we quit—none of which is helpful for progression. …  We’re so habituated to struggle that it seems we just have to live with it, but breathing into our pain instead of thrashing around it … [Read more...]

Year-End Resolutions


Why wait to set New Year’s Resolutions? Year-end Resolutions, here we go! My latest BodyMindBliss yoga bootcamp starts tomorrow. I offer a week-long early-morning yoga practice like this a few times a year. It’s perfect for waking up my practice, both as a teacher and as a student. I encourage students to set an intention to carry them through the week, and I do the same: Better sleep. Less sugar. World Peace. That sort of thing. This time, with Thanksgiving next week and my friends posting on Facebook about how they’ve already decorated for Christmas (How can you people be that … [Read more...]