Women’s Circles & Retreats

http://www.flickr.com/photos/xlordashx/In a Wise Woman’s circle, we tell our stories and share our experiences. We listen with open hearts and open ears, honoring the details of each woman’s story. We set aside old habits like giving advice and passing judgment — leaving them outside the tender bonds of our circle. In this way, we make medicine for one another, blending compassion, love, acceptance, and understanding in the sacred space we share. For an hour or an afternoon, for a single encounter or a year of connection, we gather to honor the ways of our sister-ancestors. We circle.

Without needing to rescue one another or solve each woman’s problems, we tap into the abundance of feminine energy that guides us to simply hold space for the truths shared. We marvel at how the tone and tenor of the circle may change with speed and grace — we are at once edgy and deep, then light and laughing, then turning to unburden heavy hearts, maybe awkward and clumsy for a bit, and always returning to just-so, as it is, as we are in the present moment.

What we hear and see, we hold in confidence. By these mindful agreements, a woman’s circle protects, nurtures, and channels the divine feminine present in each of us. Our tears water the roots of compassion alive in each of us. The collective sigh of relief that comes from sinking deep into the truth of one another is a sweet Spring breeze. That gentle wind carries the promise of a new season — one of abundance, and plenty, and gratitude that knows no end — the season for circling.

You’re always welcome to join the circle. As Alice Walker so beautifully reminds us, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

Women’s circle and other self-care events are listed on the Mamahhh facebook page and google calendar.